We all love with conditions.

Sorry to burst your bubble, Katy Perry, but unconditional love is a myth. I know everyone is going to get flustered and say their case is different and that they love their partners unconditionally.

Horse shit, darling.

Just like secret service agents, most times, conditions operate under an alias called standards.

Sound familiar?

Some of these conditions (oopsies, standards) can be material things like money, immaterial things like kindness and peace of mind, or physical things like a small waist, or basketball-worthy height. We only call them conditions when it becomes physical or material, but…

You are not a good person and that’s ok.

I think the description of a bad person is pretty set in stone. We can unanimously agree that any person that happily causes pain to people around them, takes advantage of them, and hides the truth is a bad person.

It is only rational to assume that a good person is one who does the opposite, right?

A person who doesn’t cause pain to other people nor take advantage of them is good.

A person who doesn’t hide or distort the truth is good.


As time goes by, it dawns heavily on me that I am no longer a child. Your twenties are a very awkward phase of your life.

I like to think of it as the childhood of adulthood.

At that stage, you are definitely not a child. However, you don’t really have all it takes to be described as an adult. More often than not, this juncture of life finds us adrift on a tattered raft amongst the turbulent waters of life, and confused as hell. …

Growing up, I had varied interests. Like all little girls, at one stage in my life, I wanted to be a ballerina, gliding and pirouetting to Tchaikovsky’s nutcracker. Way before I thought of becoming a medical doctor, I wanted to be the lead at Broadway musicals. I remember watching Moulin Rouge and Smash as an adolescent and imagining myself as the star of the moment. I always thought I would focus on one passion when I was much older. That I would finally streamline and become monogamous, regarding my professional choices.

I was wrong.

High school saw me wanting to…

Synopsis of A Bronx Tale (1993)

I like to think of A Bronx Tale (1993) as a mafia movie with a soul; a coming together of two different spheres of life in the person of Calogero Anello. The inciting incident of the movie kicks off on a sunny day in 1960. Young Calogero ( Francis Capra)- while sitting on his stoop- witnesses his idol, the Mafia Boss, Sonny (Chazz Palminteri) shoot a man over what seems to be a fight about a parking space. Sonny looks the young boy dead in the eye, as if willing him to erase all memory of what he had just…

Synopsis of Bad Hair (2020)

Bad Hair (2020) is a skittish cross between satire, comedy, and horror. The movie opens with an impactful scene of young Anna Bludso (Zaria Kelley) losing her hair after a relaxer application goes wrong. This scars her and makes her afraid of the creamy crack and making her hair. Few minutes into the movie, it transports us to 1989 and we watch as an older Anna (Elle Lorraine) tries to make her way in the competitive, colorist, and the sexist world of television. Anna works at Culture, a 1989, African-American version of MTV Base, as an assistant to Edna (Judith…


In a manner that is oddly reminiscent of Bibo Bergeron and Don Paul’s 2000 animation, “The Road to El Dorado”, the dramedy, Gold Statue (2019) follows the adventures of two best friends, Chike (Kunle Remi) and Wale (Gabriel Afolayan) in their quest to find the golden statue of Yéyé.

The movie opens with a very crude display of jungle justice, a sad reality in Nigeria. The piquant scene shows an angry mob about to burn the battered Wale. Chike, the youth corps member, tries to stop them from doing this. …

Synopsis of Soul (2020)

Soul (2020) follows the musical life of Joe Gardner (Jamie Foxx), a middle school music teacher, pianist, and jazz aficionado. His love for music, particularly jazz, was ignited when his Dad took him to a concert as a boy. It was love at first chord. All his actions since then were geared towards getting his big break as a musician.

Joe finally gets the break he has been dreaming about when one of his former students, Curly Lemont-Baker hooks him up for a gig with saxophone sensation, Dorothea Williams (Angela Bassett). Unfortunately, things go south. …

Source: Project Grief

As a writer, I like to think I can rewrite what has been written

Cut off the hurt and edit the bad memories

Show (and not tell) the happiness

Rewrite the grief and revive the dead with just a few clacks of my keyboard

Unfortunately, all that ends on Microsoft Word and Word Press. I learned painfully that there are no rewrites in life.

No reset buttons, no backspaces, no do-overs

Or ways to pencil the ones you love back to life

Once they are gone, there’s no coming back.

When Mama Came Back

Growing up, everyone believed I was the reincarnation of my maternal grandmother. This belief was one of the first things I became conscious of as a child. One of the reincarnation principles in Igbo cosmology is that the person who reincarnates doesn’t get to see/dies before the person they reincarnate into is born. Mama died on 29th June, and I was born on 23rd December of the same year. She fell ill shortly after my mother discovered she was pregnant. So everyone was dead sure it was her. Like it was so obvious.

An ancestor may be reincarnated as multiple…

Ifeanacho MaryAnn

Bibliophile, Storyteller and Poet. I write about mental health, books, writing, psychology, philosophy, film, love and life. Blog: www.thewritingchannel.com

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